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Diya Kochhar, Envisage Design Projects:

Being an interior architect (Envisage Design Projects), I needed to photograph & showcase the work that I did which is when I got in touch with Savi Bhushan of White Antelope Photography. They were very professional and visited the sites for a brief inspection and thereafter scheduled shoot days for each. They were highly involved with the styling of the space and gave me several angles for the shots within each space. The entire team was all about communication and getting the work done quickly with proper emphasis on lighting. They are a friendly bunch that helped me understand various things about photography and were very proactive on the entire shoot. They not only gave me contact sheets of the pictures they took but also gave me tips & suggestions on how to make the interior spaces more interesting. I have put up their pictures on social media which have been liked by all. White Antelope Photography has a quick turn-around time where the pictures are properly edited. They are open to suggestions and ensure that the customer is completely satisfied. I loved working with them and I am sure you will too! Thank you for being you- truly amazing!

Disha Dani, Little Laddoos:

Thank you White Antelope Photography for the work that you have done for Little Laddoos. I was so happy to collaborate with you guys for my new venture, especially because all of you were so patient with me and really understood what I wanted. Thanks for your creativity and hard work.

Mandavi Kanchan, Bruijn:

Creative & helpful - they capture it on the lens beyond and better than your vision can! Very good with portraits and food shots. They finish it off with great editing which is just as important as the photographs taken..overall service is brilliant.

I had such a wonderful experience working with White Antelope Photography where client input was allowed and valued. It was beyond a literal translation of my imagination and I would love to work with them again. 

Team Grey Eagles. VANVASA, Uttarakhand: 

We wanted someone to capture the true essence of our resort and Sonal from White Antelope Photography has done complete justice to that. We are very happy the way these images portray the minimalistic and tranquil nature of our property.

Gautam Bhatia & Karan Bhatia, Desi Roots: 

The team at White Antelope Photography did a great work for our agri and grocery products. We were worried that being a mundane ingredient, it would be difficult to get visually compelling output. Guess we were in safe hands. The detailed but focused discussion prior to shoot ensured that all of us were able to align our ideas and that there were no surprises after the delivery – something we are always wary of when involving external agencies.

Ajay Agarwal, Owner LMB, Jaipur: 

Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar, Jaipur or LMB as people know it, has been iconic and a symbol of quality and purity for more than 275 years. Carrying forward the legacy of the brand and catering to the diverse needs of customers is paramount in todays day and age. We wanted to be true to our roots and yet create an offer which a contemporary consumer can relate to. This is the challenge I had when I spoke to Savi & Sonal. The photographs we have now, are defining! They truly represent our brand, our ethos and our spirit. Thanks team!

Abhya, Shishir & baby Advik: 

We had a real fun time with Savi while she shot our maternity photographs. An eye for detail, brilliant execution and all the comfort that was given, is unforgettable. We look forward to team up with you again for another set of brilliant photographs. Much love to you!

Adishri and Nitin: 

White Antelope Photography did our maternity and new born shoot.. we were extremely happy with the pictures!  The team made sure that we were very comfortable and let us have fun with the shoot and just go with the flow..and the results were simply wonderful and completely natural.. we loved every single frame! The pics are truly priceless!! Thanks for the lovely memoriesWhite Antelope Photography. Highly Highly recommended!

Khushboo and Rohit Gupta: 

You did my maternity photo shoot and that was the best thing I could have ! You captured each and every moment just perfectly and have created memories for a lifetime. Thanks a ton and I hope you achieve great heights 

You did my wife’s maternity shoot and you made us so comfortable that I forgot I was getting clicked ! Thank you for the lovely shoot and I hope you capture some more memories for us.

Adishri & Nitin: 

The day our baby was born, Savi came to meet us and walked in with her camera. She made use of natural light in the room and captured some candid moments we shared. We are so glad that we have such beautiful photographs of the first few hours with our daughter.

Deepa Agarwal, Author: 

What a talented and dedicated team of photo-artists! As an author I am always in need of good quality photos for publicity, pictures that capture my personality and effectively reflect my profession. Looking at the results, I feel blessed to have chosen White Antelope Photography. From the shoot to the end product, it was a delight to work with them. Their creativity and commitment shines brightly in my photographs, which have drawn enthusiastic appreciation from all who have set eyes on them. I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking for portraits that stand out from the crowd. Wishing WAP all the best!

Aishwarya Bhatia, Nutty Gritties:

Team White Antelope did a shoot for my brand Nutty Gritties. Savi, Dimple and Sonal did a fantastic job in understanding the brand and translating it so beautifully in the shoot. Very very happy with my experience and I look forward to working with them again.

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